New issue of Arabic Communist journal: celebrating the year of Lenin!

The editorial board of and communists of the IMT in North Africa and the Middle East are proud to publish a new issue of the magazine Freedom and Communism. This is the 14th issue of a revolutionary magazine that is received with great enthusiasm by the youth of the region, and includes all the articles of issue 44 of In Defence of Marxism magazine, dedicated to marking the centenary of the death of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

The global crisis of capitalism is organic, deep and unrelenting. The system’s crimes have become clear to everyone all over the world. But the situation in our region is especially acute. Poverty has reached unprecedented levels, and unemployment is rising among young people, for whom the existing conditions mean nothing but oppression, misery, and empty horizons.

There is a volcano of anger boiling under the surface and it will inevitably explode, sooner or later. Under these circumstances came the criminal war and genocide that Israel is waging in Gaza, which intensified popular anger not only against the Zionist and imperialist ruling class, but also against the puppet regimes of the region collaborating in the suppression and killing of the Palestinian people.

There is no stable regime in the entire region, and the depots’ nightmares are haunted by the next wave of revolutions. This explains the intense repression and restrictions on freedoms that they exercise in desperate, almost laughable ways, such as the Egyptian police randomly stopping young people in the streets, and searching their phones, even scouring WhatsApp conversations that the authorities consider “suspicious” and “disruptive to public order”.

In this context, the dictatorial regimes in our region are still able to prevent us from selling the magazine in public activities. Still, they are not able to prevent an idea whose time has come, an idea which has become very urgent: the idea of the socialist transformation of society.

For all this, there is no better time to publish an issue entirely dedicated to Lenin, the great Marxist leader who built the party that led the Russian working class to power in 1917. We are working to build a new party to provide the working class in our region, and internationally, with the leadership it deserves, and to ensure the victory of the next revolutionary wave.

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