Lenin: 100 years on – new issue of "In Defence of Marxism" magazine out now!

Issue 44 of In Defence of Marxism magazine, the quarterly theoretical journal of the International Marxist Tendency, is available to buy now! To commemorate the centenary of the death of one of history’s greatest communists, this issue focuses on the life and work of Lenin.

With articles covering wide-ranging aspects of Lenin’s life and ideas, this issue is an invaluable weapon in the arsenal of communists everywhere. Beginning with a special editorial by Rob Sewell (co-author of a new biography, In Defence of Lenin, also available for pre-order!) for the centenary of Lenin’s death in 1924.

Issue 44 also includes articles looking at Lenin’s philosophical studies of Hegel; his fight to combat passivity and inaction within the revolutionary movement; his struggle against bureaucracy within the Bolshevik Party; and how this struggle was taken up by Trotsky after his death.

Also in this issue is a reprint of Lenin’s short but masterful article ‘New Tasks and New Forces’, in which he explains the need for Marxists at the time to break out of old routines in the face of a significant wave of strikes across Russia. In addition, the magazine includes Lenin’s ‘Summary of Dialectics’, a brief and insightful exposition of a key aspect of the philosophical method of Marxism.

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