Leading communist sits down with Alexei Sayle!

Fred Weston, a leading member of the International Marxist Tendency (soon to be the Revolutionary Communist International) recently appeared as a guest on the popular Alexei Sayle Podcast. In a far-ranging discussion, Fred and Alexei cover the Russian Revolution, the history of SYRIZA in Greece, the reasons for launching the RCI… and what sort of living quarters comedy/political podcasters can expect after the revolution. Listen below!

Alexei Sayle is an influential figure in alternative British comedy, and also has a background in communist and left-wing politics. He was highly outspoken about the establishment attacks on Jeremy Corbyn during the latter’s time as Labour Party leader, and is a strong supporter of the Palestinian people.

We were very glad for the opportunity to have a member of our international leadership appear on his show, which he describes as a “large hadron collider of left-wing ideas.” You can find Fred’s episode, ‘C is for Communism’ embedded below, and listen to all other episodes of the Alexei Sayle Podcast here.