Italy: metalworker shop stewards organise Palestine solidarity demonstration in Modena

IMT comrades in Modena, Italy (Sinistra Classe e Rivoluzione) organised a campaign inside the FIOM (metalworkers’ union of the CGIL) in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and in particular in support of an appeal issued by Palestinian trade union organisations. At a demonstration at the weekend, 2,000 workers and youth, both immigrant and native Italian, marched together in a lively demonstration, showing their full solidarity with the Palestinian people, calling for an end to the Israeli bombing and occupation.

A number of shop stewards and shop stewards’ committees of the FIOM in the city responded to the comrades’ campaign. Several other organisations also gave their support to the appeal. Among those adhering were the entire group of FIAT-owned plants in the province of Modena, among them both the Ferrari and the Maserati factories. The demonstration gathered at 3pm on Saturday in Largo Sant’Agostino in the centre of Modena and marched under the slogan of "Palestina libera" (Free Palestine). 

Here we publish the text of the appeal and its signatories, together with some videos and pictures of the demonstration.

DEMONSTRATION FOR PALESTINE (Saturday, 4 November, at 3pm in Piazzale Sant'Agostino)

For some weeks now, in the streets of cities all around the world - from Paris to Amman, from London to Rabat and New York, and far beyond - millions of young people and workers have rightly been mobilising against the Israeli army's bombing of Gaza and in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

It is necessary to also organise a mobilisation in Modena for an end to the bombings, against the invasion of Gaza and also against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Responsibility for the current situation falls on the shoulders of Israeli (and US) imperialism and our support goes entirely to the Palestinian people, who have been fighting for their liberation for many decades. On the one side there is a powerful state, with a strong army that has the most advanced technologies at its disposal. And behind this state is the strongest imperialist power on the planet, the United States. On the other side, there is an oppressed people, in a much weaker position, who for decades have been humiliated by the Zionist state of Israel and who are denied even the fundamental right to their own homeland. In this context, we are firmly on the side of the oppressed, that is, the Palestinians, whose right to resistance in the struggle for their self-determination we recognise.

Demo Image SCROur support goes entirely to the Palestinian people, who have been fighting for their liberation for many decades / Image: SCR

The Palestinian people have suffered decades of occupation, while those expressing alarm over the IDF’s onslaught today, in the past looked the other way, or participated in the farce of the so-called "peace process". In 30 years, this has not given a single square metre of land to the Palestinians. In fact, it has seen more and more of their land taken away.

Last but not least, we oppose the policy of the Italian government, which is slavishly aligned with Netanyahu's Zionist regime and with NATO. For these reasons, as students and workers, we are calling a demonstration through the streets of Modena on Saturday, 4 November, to forcefully affirm:

No to the invasion of Gaza!

Stop occupation!

For a Free Palestine!

This appeal was issued by FIOM factory shop stewards’ committees (RSUs and RSAs) and individual shop stewards at the following factories:

FLAGS Image SCRWe oppose the policy of the Italian government, which is slavishly aligned with Netanyahu's Zionist regime / Image: SCR

The FIOM RSUs of the entire group of FIAT factories in Modena: Rsa Fiom Ferrari; Rsu  Fiom Maserati Modena ; Rsa Fiom CNH ; Rsu Fiom OMR ; Rsu Fiom Bosch Nonantola;

As well as the following shop stewards and shop stewards’ committees:

Francesco Giliani of the Rsu Flc Selmi; Rsu Fiom Motovario; Rsu Fiom Annovi Reverberi; Rsu Fiom Pfb; Mohamed Rizki of the Rsu Fiom Lamieral; Francesca Corcione, Roberto Mariuzzo and Vincenzo Bottigliero of the Rsu Fiom Wam; Antra Abdenbi and Luca Lanzi, of the Rsu Fiom Manitou; Carletto Vezzali, Rsu Flai Globalcarni; Ermanno Panciroli, Rsa FP Gulliver; Raffaele Signoriello, Rsu Fiom Otis; Rsu Fiom Motovario.

Other organisations who promoted the demonstration were Sinistra Classe Rivoluzione – Modena [the IMT in Modena]; Collettivo Studenti Autorganizzati, Modenal; Alkemia Laboratori Multimediali; Comitato per non dimenticare-Odv; the Islamic Community of Modena; Cobas Scuola Modena; and Unione Popolare.

The following an appeal for solidarity by Palestinian trade union organisations, in support of which the Saturday demonstration was organised.

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