In Defence of Marxism – out now in French!

We are proud to announce that the world’s foremost magazine for original Marxist theoretical content, In Defence of Marxism - América Socialista, is now available in French! It joins regular English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Swedish and Chinese translations, and will soon be joined by an Italian translation. The enlarged audience of communist workers and youth that will thus have access to these ideas will find in this magazine a powerful weapon.

The French, Swiss, Quebecois and Belgian comrades of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) are proud to announce the first issue of our French-language theoretical magazine, Défense du marxisme!

The publication of this magazine could not have come at a better time. Across the world, the capitalist system is demonstrating its complete bankruptcy, day in and day out. Faced with this situation, millions of young people and workers are desperately seeking a solution, and growing layers are turning towards communism.

Our magazine aims to give this advanced layer the theoretical tools they need to change the world. There has never been a better time to study the revolutionary ideas of Marxism.

The launch of Défense du marxisme also coincides with the centenary of the death of one of history’s greatest revolutionaries, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. To celebrate the life of Lenin, this year we have launched an international campaign to celebrate, study and defend his life and work. This campaign kicks off with this issue of Défense du marxisme, which is devoted entirely to Lenin.

This issue includes an editorial by Rob Sewell, editor of The Communist, the paper of the British section of the IMT, covering the main ideas running through Lenin's work. This is followed by an article delving into how Lenin studied the philosophy of Hegel. We also publish two texts that deal with Lenin’s last struggle, that he conducted side-by-side with Trotsky, in the final months of his life: a struggle against the rising bureaucracy in the Bolshevik Party and the Soviet state.

Finally, this issue includes a piece focusing on Lenin’s struggle against passivity and inaction within the revolutionary movement, along with an excellent article by Lenin from 1905, New tasks and New Forces. These articles explain clearly why Marxists had to break with routine in order to take full advantage of the rising revolutionary tide in Russia at that time, lessons which are fundamental for communists today.

As Lenin famously said, “Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.” As comrades of the IMT we take these words seriously, and seek to put them into practice, precisely through publications like the quarterly In Defence of Marxism - Défense du marxisme.

We encourage anyone who wants to overthrow the rotting capitalist system to subscribe today, to closely study the ideas contained with the magazine, and to distribute it among your colleagues, comrades and friends. Above all, if you’re interested in the struggle for communism, don't hesitate and join the IMT today!

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