Denmark: Revolutionary Communist Party founded at historic congress

It was an event that was nothing short of historic: more than 100 comrades from 16 local branches of Revolutionære Socialister – the Danish section of the International Marxist Tendency – gathered from 15 to 17 March for the organisation’s annual congress. Following in-depth discussions about the deep crisis of capitalism and the growing appetite for communist ideas among the younger generations, the congress decided to found the Revolutionary Communist Party at a conference in October.


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Over the past year, Revolutionære Socialister has grown by leaps and bounds. New branches have sprung up everywhere as applications to join have come in from near and far. This is thanks to our “Are you a communist?” campaign, which has demonstrated that the appeal of communism is growing exponentially.

Across the world, capitalism is in a state of permanent crisis. Every day we witness climate collapse, inflation, war, oppression and a political system that is completely out of step with the vast majority. For those who have only known life under a decaying capitalist system, communism is not just a good idea, but a necessity that must be fought for. With the decision to found the Revolutionary Communist Party, we have taken a decisive step forward in this struggle!

Crisis, war and revolution

2Over the past year, Revolutionære Socialister has grown by leaps and bounds / Image: Revolutionære Socialister

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the world has staggered from one year of turmoil to the next. In the congress’ opening discussion on the global situation, Hamid Alizadeh, from the International Secretariat of the IMT, made it clear that the socio-economic system we live under has outlived its historical role. Instead of driving humanity forward, capitalism is holding us back.

In 2023, the war in Gaza became the focal point of the crisis of capitalism. Israel’s massacre of tens of thousands of innocent people has prompted millions upon millions around the world to take to the streets, directing their anger at the barbaric system of imperialism and the hypocrisy of the West.

Netanyahu’s slaughter of the oppressed Palestinian people, with the full backing of US, Danish and western imperialism, exposes how the continued survival of the current system only sets the stage for more war and destruction. The workers and youth of the world look at Gaza and can easily put two and two together when the imperialists weep crocodile tears for those they themselves are bombing. They draw the absolutely correct conclusion that an international revolution against capitalism is needed to put an end to barbarism.

As was pointed out in the discussion, the war in Gaza, as well as the imperialist war in Ukraine, are pushing the world economy towards a deep economic crisis. In recent years, we have seen how the Chinese economy is becoming increasingly riddled with systemic contradictions such as debt, inequality and economic collapse. This will have catastrophic consequences for the entire global economy.

A rosy future for capitalism is impossible, and a period of class struggle is already a fact. This means that political consciousness among workers and young people will develop at lightning speed. These conditions are ideal for building a communist party that can channel the growing anger into the struggle for revolution.

That’s exactly what we in the Revolutionary Communist Party intend to do. This June, we will be part of the founding of the Revolutionary Communist International, for which we published a founding Manifesto last week. The Manifesto represents an in-depth analysis of the historical period we are living through and what is needed to raise the banner of communism all over the world. All class-conscious workers and youth should study this important document and join the struggle if you agree with our ideas!

[You too can be involved in the founding of the Revolutionary Communist International! Click here to sign up to the founding conference, the World School of Communism, which will be held online between 10-15 June this summer!]

Denmark is no exception

Denmark is often portrayed as an exception to all the evils of capitalism. According to the politicians and the elite, we have supposedly built our own ‘nordic system’ with a perfect welfare system, free from oppression and exploitation. As an increasing number of people point to the fact that this is a barefaced lie, the ruling class tells us to shut up and accept the status quo.

The splendour portrayed from the top of Danish society, however, is at odds with reality. As the congress discussion on Danish political perspective pointed out, we see all the signs of the crisis of capitalism expressed in Denmark’s politics and economy. The economy is in decline and inflation has made many workers and especially young people poorer. No parties or politicians are trusted or popular – in fact, their popularity is falling faster than ever before, and the majority of the population increasingly sees the state and the political system for what it is: a committee serving the interests of the capitalist class.

Although the situation in different countries around the world varies, capitalism is a single system, which is why we see the same basic processes in Denmark as everywhere else around the globe: crisis, polarisation and a growing anger towards the establishment and their system.

The congress unanimously approved an in-depth document that explains the most important aspects of the coming period for Denmark. With this thorough understanding, we are strongly equipped to go out and win youth and workers over to the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Bigger ambitions than ever

3The congress unanimously approved an in-depth document that explains the most important aspects of the coming period for Denmark / Image: Revolutionære Socialister

It was clear to everyone at the congress that we have an exceptional opportunity to build an organisation that can lead a successful revolution in the future. But the organisation won’t be built by itself, and in order to create a revolutionary party that is fit for the tasks at hand, it is crucial to have the necessary financial means. Unlike all the official political youth parties in Denmark, we don’t depend on the capitalist state. This is not for moral reasons, but because an independent organisation requires independent finances.

In this year’s financial session, members and sympathisers showed that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is, smashing through last year's fundraising total! This speaks volumes about the seriousness with which the comrades approach the task of founding a revolutionary party.

A revolutionary party is needed

4More and more people in Denmark are looking for a communist alternative to the status quo / Image: Revolutionære Socialister

More and more people in Denmark are looking for a communist alternative to the status quo. In the congress discussion on how to build the RCP, comrades’ contributions were characterised by an extraordinary degree of determination and optimism.

Experiences were shared from all the branches on how we can grow both quickly and on a strong political foundation. As was noted during the closing session, there was a palpable sense that comrades were absorbing ideas about how to find the next layer of revolutionaries and double our forces as fast as we can.

A cornerstone of party-building is our ideas, which are our theoretical foundation. While both reformist and Stalinist groups have written off the importance of a common theoretical and political understanding of the world, we are proud to have built our organisation on the ideas of Marxism.

In that spirit, we are also spending 2024 studying Lenin's ideas, not only in Denmark but throughout our International. With the release of In Defence of Lenin, a new book on the life and ideas of this great revolutionary, all members will spend the year delving into the important lessons of the Bolshevik Party and discussing how we can emulate them today.

Join the party!

5The Revolutionary Communist Party and the Revolutionary Communist International need you / Image: Revolutionære Socialister

Whether in Denmark or anywhere else in the world, if you are considering whether you should join the fight for communism, our only question is: what are you waiting for? The Revolutionary Communist Party and the Revolutionary Communist International need you. If you want to fight for a world without oppression and exploitation, then you have to get organised.

Every day, capitalism reveals itself to be incapable of providing a worthy existence for the vast majority of people. But humanity’s enormous potential, repressed and distorted by class society, is fighting to unleash itself from its constraints.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is taking up this fight, and we can only urge you to join us!


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